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Ibogaine Roundtable

Table of Contents

1. Acknowledgements

2. Introduction

3. Presenters/Agenda

4. Kroupa, P.K, (2000) Ibogaine

5. Lotsof, H.S., Ibogaine: To Have or Have Not. A review of the historical, legal and ethical implications of returning control of ibogaine to drug users.

6. Cohen, P. (2000) Is the addiction doctor the voodoo priest of western man?.

7. Alper, K.R., Beal, D., Kaplan, C.D. (2001) A Contemporary History of Ibogaine in the United States and Europe

8. Mojeiko, V. (2004) Designing an exploratory outcome study of the long-term efficacy of ibogaine in subjects with substance addiction

9. Lotsof, H.S. and Alexander, N.E. (2001) Case Studies of Ibogaine Treatment: Implications for Patient Management Strategies

10. Sisko, B. (1993) The First International Ibogaine Treatment Symposium

11. Sisko, B. (1993) Interrupting Drug Dependency with Ibogaine: A Summary of Four Case Histories

12. Grund, J-P. (1995) Letter for Nico. In Mainline. Publication of the MDHG

13. Ibogaine Patients Bill of Rights

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